Jan 19, 2015

Making of the Kitespain Magazine cover shot.

For those of you who didn't know last year in September I went to Canada, where I visited my good friend Sam Medysky and filmed our latest movie "Northern Fresh" (http://vimeo.com/110870698). While we were there filming Sam had the idea to also hire a photographer so we could have pictures as well from the movie, it turned out pretty cool. Josh Pietras Sam's friend from high school visited us for a few days and got some insane pictures.

The first day Josh was there we didn't had the best of luck with the conditions everyone was really nervous as we had a limited amount of time to shoot. On the second day I woke up with the wind wishing on my window and a storm of 20-25kts. We headed to the spot to set the park up and get ready to shoot. At that point I remember myself thinking more than once what am I doing here? The wind was freezing and the water was even more cold which made it even hard to perform on those new obstacles. 

Oliphant fishing islands was the main spot of the film.
Myself thinking what am I doing here? This place its too cold for kiting. 
It started raining and our 11m's GP were ready and we were putting our wetsuits on. Josh had to find a plastic bag for his Canon 5d and Steve (ESBO.tv) already had a whole ski jacket protecting his badass Sony FS700. I think we all thought that the rain was going to be an excuse to stop the shoot and wait for it to stop, but we were all excited to hit the setup and get the shots done.
I think Sam and I had been dreaming about this for a long time and the adrenaline of making it happen didn't let the cold get into our brains. We would take turns on a single kite so the other one can help with the rail if it needs to be moved or something or either watch the action.

Here it is! Double Incline rail to bonk on the traffic sign. 
 My favorite set up of the day was a "Double incline rail to bonk" on the traffic sign we had there. I managed to get a few tricks out of that one and they all felt really original and sick!
While I had my turn to rest and let Sam ride or a bit I visualized the picture. Nuclear grab of the double incline rail to bonk, the idea was to be grabbing and poking the board while also bonking the sign.

It got the kite again and tried the trick at least 15 times, it was really hard to grab the board enough time and then bonk the sign afterwards. I didn't knew we got the shot until a couple of weeks after when Josh send me all the shots from the trip. I was stoked on it and now I'm even more happy to see that KiteSpain Magazine decided to run it on their front cover.
I hope you guys enjoyed my little peak into the making off and don't forget to check out the full movie from Canada here -> http://vimeo.com/110870698


Canada, September 2014 / Photos Josh Pietras.


Dec 15, 2014

Reel 2014

This its just a recompilation showcasing some of the trips I was a part of this past 2014. 
I really want to thank my sponsors, family, friends and all the people I met along the way for making this season an unforgettable one once again! 
Bestkiteboarding - Kite Costa Brava - Ion Essentials - Ocean Sunglasses
Behind the lens: Seventh Frame (PKRA), ESBO.tv, Sam Medysky, Craig Cunningham, Colleen Carroll, Vincent Bergeron, Manel Arpa, David Tonijuan, Sergi Sureda, Santi Font, Nina Font, Noè Font and many others. 
Edit: Noè Font
Thanks to all of you!

Dec 3, 2014

Brazil Bound.

Cada año en el mundo del Kitesurf existe un momento, este se da en Brasil. Lugar idóneo para la practica de este maravilloso deporte, donde el viento constante y la temperatura hacen de este un lugar mágico. Así pues, junto con mi amigo y compañero del equipo BEST Sam Medysky ,decidimos viajar asta allí un año mas.
Después de haber venido a Brasil cada año todos conocemos los spots mas famosos y sobretodo los mejores. El problema con estos últimos es que todo el mundo quiere navegar allí por lo tanto siempre te encuentras con mucha gente. Así que este año decidimos instalarnos mas al sud en la pequeña aldea de Uruau, allí con solo un par de Posadas, un supermercado y una pizzería se da el lugar idóneo para entrenar. Es un lugar tranquilo no hay distracciones y aun que la laguna es pequeñita es todo muy familiar, todo el mundo se conoce y al final acaba siendo como siempre genial! El viento en Uruau es mas flojo que en Cumbuco y para mi gusto es mejor para progresar e intentar nuevas maniobras.
Después de pasar un mes en Uruau volvimos a las masas y hemos pasado el ultimo mes de nuestro viaje en Taiba con vientos mas fuertes pero de la misma calidad y constancia.
Y así nuestro maravilloso viaje llega a su fin. Una vez mas Brasil nos ha regalado maravillosos momentos y estos se acaban. Porque todo lo bueno se acaba y por esta misma razón es algo bueno!


Nov 4, 2014

Northern Fresh Movie.

This summer I flew all the way to Canada to visit my good friend Sam Medyksky and discover this new Kiteboarding location and the conditions it had to offer. Together we worked to create unique features in a very different environment than your average kite destination. Cold temperatures and unpredictable wind didn’t keep Sam from showing me a good time in his home country.
Fighting off camera malfunctions, overcast days, and light wind, the crew emerged victorious! Enjoy a peak into an unforgettable kiteboarding adventure to a corner of the world less travelled. 
Let us know what you think in comments! If you have any ideas for destinations in the future, please share!