Apr 30, 2015

April 2015 - Home & America.

After not making it through the qualifiers in Morocco, I lost a lot of my motivation to ride and train again. So I went home with the goal to rest, refresh my mind and start over again. At home the wind was good and I was having fun again, kitting with my friends and hanging out. We built a slider in my home spot and that got me really stoked to ride again, I even shot some photos with it. I released another episode of #Teammates which again had lots of repercussion. I flew to Toronto and we did a road trip with Sam from Toronto, Niagara Falls, Boston, NYC, Washington and ended in Hatteras. We even kitted in Boston with the locals and they enjoyed watching us ride at their spot, it was really fun as Woo hooked me up with a device and now it’s game ON for me as well! Now here in Hatteras, I’m finishing off my TripleS wildcard and hopefully I will be in the event! Looking forward to get some riding done here in Hatteras and film, shoot an have fun like always. 

For more about my road trip click here -> #TheAmericanDream 

Apr 27, 2015

The American Dream #9 / Cape Hatteras NC.

We drove 2200km from Toronto (CA) all the way down to Cape Hatteras NC and we visited the Niagara Falls, Boston, New York City and Washington. It’s been an amazing road trip; I hope to get the chance to visit some of those cities again.
We arrived in Cape Hatteras Friday night and the first couple of days were cold, rainy and not really welcoming. We did some skateboarding in a bowl near by and slept in which we hadn’t done in a while.
The setup Real Watersports has got here its probably one of the best kite school/ kite club setups ever. You have a big path to pump your kites and no sand at all which makes it perfect to keep your gear clean. There is an endless amount of slicks (little islands that create flat water) all over the place so it’s pretty much a dream playground. Oh and not to mention the best kite park ever, which I still hadn’t had the opportunity to ride.
It picked up yesterday afternoon but the wind direction wasn’t the right one, the winds coming from the NW bring the cold and clouds. We went out on our 11m but it was too much, we still had some fun in the other side of the slicks. It was cold and windy so we just went for a little ride.
We signed up at the local gym here and we’ve been getting swollen every morning before breakfast. Followed by breakfast burritos at Waves.
Today we hit the gym again in the morning and went for a 3h surf session straight away, right now I’m sore and tired and how not hanging out at Craig and Colleen’s pimpin apartment where I’m about to eat an amazing burger.

Cheers from the state side!

Today’s “same but different” -> Cool to be hanging out with the same people in many different places around the world. It’s like being at home but everywhere at the same time.

Apr 25, 2015

The American Dream #8 / Washington.

Washington. We visited the Arlington Cemetery in the morning, right before all the schools and tourists got there and we caught it pretty quiet. I don’t really know what to say about the cemetery but I sure can say wars make way to much damage.
It was sunny, but it was windy and chilly so it was a little annoying to walk around, after Arlington we went to visit the White House. I thought it would be bigger, or maybe a bigger garden. We got surprised by a protest right in front of the house, which didn’t let us take our selfies properly ha ha ha. We walked around it and took some shots and literally left Washington afterwards, as after all these days on the road we are stoked to finally arrive to our final destination; Cape Hatteras NC.

Today’s “Same but Different” -> It’s really funny to see the accent variation in all the different cities. Same language feels like a totally different one.